SIGS Wedding and Engagement Photo Products provides Brides and Grooms in Canada and the USA with quality Wedding Photography and Engagement Products and Services. All our products are 100% Guaranteed and every step of the ordering process is with a real person.


SIGS Photography and Video

We met when my brother decided to get married and hired a wedding photography company he and his fiance found at a local bridal show.

As the best man I wasn't involved in the planning. But I will ALWAYS remember the moment the photographer showed up to the wedding. Marianna, my future wife walked up the stairs on that fateful day and since that day we have been attached cosmically. 


Since then, we have worked as a team to shoot over 800 weddings. Our team of professional photographers, videographers and editors work tirelessly to provide our brides and grooms with what it takes for the Finest Weddings in the World